Fall camp!

Due to cold weather we are temporarily Stopping Boot CAMP as of December 15, 2021.
We are pleased to announce that we are starting a new fall boot camp, coached by board member Samantha Duncan, who also owns the Health Hub! This will be a camp that does not use any equipment, just your body weight. We want kids to come
out, get healthy and have fun!

Thank you to the Oregon Community Foundation we are able to offer this camp for free for kids 10 and up! You will register your child like normal in the office using a form (no online registration available since it's free), and then each week you are required to sign in when you bring your kiddo. You will also be able to register at the camp location the day of if you can't make it to the office.

If you are 18+ you can participate, but we are asking for a $5 donation per session that you attend.

Wednesday's starting 11/3/21
3:30 pm-4:30 pm
Ages: 10 and up