2nd/3rd grade (two more coaches needed)

Registration closed December 2nd. If you missed it, please fill out a form and drop it thru the drop slot (to the right of the door) at the office with the payment.

2nd thru 5th boys and girls for teams; 5 years old thru 2nd for camp (2nd graders

who have never played can do camp instead of a team if they prefer)

Teams play games on Saturday mornings 

Practices start January 9th
Games start January 19th and go thru March 9th

Camp (K-2nd grade): TBD

Camp: 5 years old thru 2nd grade; Team: 2nd thru 5th grade

Congratulations to our boys

2018 Basketball Tournament Champions!

Hoop Dreams

Coached by Arsenio Prenevost

Congratulations to our girls

2018 Basketball Tournament Champions!

The Lawn Clippings

Coached by Willie & Stephanie Reeder