Dustin Bengtson - Member since 2014, Soccer

Colleen Valley - Member since 2011, Soccer
Colleen moved to Cottage Grove in 2009. She began coaching soccer in 2010 and joined the board in 2011. She has served as secretary, president and vice president from 2012 until 2018. Colleen also serves as Vice President of the South Lane Mental Health board and is an active member of Harrison Elementary's Parent Club. She is married with two kids.


Jeff Schloss - Member since 2016, Head of Soccer

Jennifer Violette - Member since 2013, Treasurer, Soccer

Jennifer was born and raised here in Cottage Grove. All three of her daughters have played sports for SVA when they were younger as well as reffing now that they are older. She has coached and played soccer for many years through SVA.  She has served as both the Treasurer and Secretary during her time here as well as serving on the Finance, Soccer and Basketball Committees.  She believes that working with an organization that promotes kids being active, having great sportsmanship and having fun is a great way to spend your time!

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Dewey Epperson - Member since 2017, Secretary, Soccer

Jessica Schloss - Member since 2016, Vice President, Basketball

Ken Hornick - Member since 2013, President